Cindy Sherman


Cindy Sherman (Glen Ridge, New Jersey), January 19, 1954) is an American artist. Cindy Sherman herself is the main subject of her art: at the same time she is a photographer and a model. Yet she never calls her photographs self-portraits. Sherman, in fact, avoids her own identity by photographing herself in a completely different form time and time again, as in a film-still. She examines the changing forms and plays with them.

Sherman's intentions are twofold. On the one hand she denounces the arbitrariness of the cliché image to which the woman must comply. On the other hand, she wants to show that we all play a role and that our faces are only façades where there is no authentic character. 

Around 1990 Sherman began to expand her repertoire with legendary female and male figures from classical painting. Since then, she seems more to the theatrical to strive

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