Günther Förg

Günther Förg (5 December 1952 - 5 December 2013) was a German painter, graphic designer, sculptor and photographer. Förgs artworks are geometrical abstract. Förg  sudied at The Academy of Fine Art in Munich between 1973 and 1976. During this period he painted almost exclusively black monochrome canvas pictures in acrylic, which, with the addition of a translucent grey, produced a milky, veiled surface effect. 

Günther Förg is part of a post-war generation of German artists who reacted against Modernism. His diverse body of work includes sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, and drawing, often in combination. Förg was one of the pioneers in exhibiting multi-disciplinary works, pre-dating much of Installation Art. Förg has been categorized as an abstract and Minimalist artist. Förg is known for the use of brightly saturated solid colors. 

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