Romero Britto


Britto grew up with 8 brothers and sisters in Recife, Brazil. He colored his modest life as a child with bright colors and pictures of a beautiful world. He used every piece of newspaper or piece of cardboard to paint. He developed a kind of two-dimensionality in his works and developed his skills to an academic high level.

Through the influences of both classical and modern art, Britto's striking themes and use of color in combination with separate compositions, he stands at a lone height as 'Artist of his generation'. 

In 1983 he traveled through Europe where he could admire for the first time the works of the grand masters of classical art. Full of all impressions and new ideas, he continued his journey to America, where at that time Pop Art flourished completely. Britto decided to move to Miami and open his own studio, accessible to the public.

With unprecedented conviction of his own ability and willpower, he managed to get many people enthusiastic for his art in the following years.

Today, Britto's work is represented in galleries and museums around the world. In 2010, his first children's book was published that teaches children the alphabet through cheerfully illustrated pages.

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